Why the Kids Birthday Party Business is Booming

A child’s birthday party is a time to celebrate. Kids are excited to see what the next year brings, and parents may have bittersweet emotions about their children growing older. Either way, it calls for a party.

If you’re a potential franchise owner, birthday party franchise opportunities can make that special day even better for everyone. Many parents are looking for venues to hold their kids’ birthday parties, and a kids birthday party business can help with that. In this post, we’ll list some reasons why this business is booming and why Flippo’s is a great franchise opportunity.

More Millennials are Renting, Making Home Parties More Difficult 

One reason why the kids birthday party business is booming is because of the millennial generation, who is raising today’s kids, are renting more versus buying homes. Usually, this comes in the form of apartments.

Renting an apartment can make having a big birthday party more challenging. It can be more difficult for a bunch of people to come over, or there may be rules on noise, outdoor cooking, and other regulations that make it tough to hold a birthday without any issues.

Flippo’s has a large space that makes it easy for the family to gather and for the kids to have as much fun as possible without any complaints from the next door or downstairs neighbors.

Setup and Cleanup 

Another reason why parents love the kids’ birthday party business is because there’s no worrying about setting everything up and cleaning up.

Aftera large gathering, one can expect to see drinks left over, food on the floor, and other trash to clean up. Not to mention, setting everything up for the party beforehand can take a lot of work. When a parent has little time to begin with, setting up and cleaning up after a party can feel like an impossible task.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Flippos is an establishment where customers leave setup and cleaning to us. Parents can choose between birthday themes, and our staff will help them set everything up. No having to spend extra time on putting everything together when guests can just relax and enjoy themselves.

Party Franchises Have Items Most Parents Could Not Afford 

People run into challenges when they try buying, or even renting, an arcade for their child’s party. Similarly, buying a gigantic indoor playground for a child’s party is cost prohibitive. A kids birthday party business tends to have an arcade, a gigantic playground, and so much more. Flippo’s franchise has it all, including some unique attractions such as our laser maze that will make any child smile.

Our Kids Birthday Party Business: It’s All Indoors 

Parents who rely on their backyard, patio, or other outdoor areas of their home for a party need to remember that the weather doesn’t care if it’s a child’s birthday. In the heat of summer, it can be too hot. In winter, it can be too cold. In spring, it can be too rainy. With a kids birthday party business, parents don’t have to worry about disappointed kids or the pain of having to reschedule a party. Flippo’s is all indoors, meaning that weather is never a problem. Plus, it’s a lovely room temperature.

As Much Food as Everyone Needs

With a party at home, parents need to consider getting enough food. Having too much can be annoying, but having too little means having to go out and get more. Take the guesswork out of the equation with a kids birthday party business. These tend to have a restaurant with a variety of foods and drinks for both kids and parents. Parents bring the cake, and then let the food court do the rest.

Flippo’s has a variety of foods for everyone. We have the classic favorites such as pizza and pasta, while also adding sushi and a variety of other unique dishes. And for the parents, we have alcohol ready.

Our Birthday Party Franchise Opportunities It’s More Affordable 

One reason why a parent may go to an indoor birthday party franchise over partying at home is because the cost of having it indoors can be less than a home party. Now, this depends on how big the party is. Having some pizza and cake at home is not going to cost too much.

However, if families want to rent a performer, some games, and they need enough food to feed a large family, the cost can be quite high.

A kids birthday party business may offer packaged deals, including a party room, a performer, access to the arcade and playground, and other perks. Flippo’s offers several packages that will attract parents to choose us over a party at home.

Scheduling is Easy 

With many birthday franchises, it’s easy to schedule. Customers can simply go to the website, select dates, and choose the available packages. It’s as simple as that. With Flippo’s, booking is designed to be hassle-free.

Become a Franchise Owner Today 

If you want to become a franchise owner of a Flippo’s kids birthday party business, we’re interested in hearing from you.

We’re looking for owners who have a history of being great with people, including kids! Not only that, but we want someone who can help our franchise spread across the country.

If you want to learn more about our business, including the party city franchise cost, do not hesitate to reach out on our franchise page.

With many parents opting to party at one of our establishments, it’s a great time for you to become a franchise owner. So don’t hesitate. Contact us and let’s get started on your journey to becoming a kids birthday party business owner. We’d love to hear from you.