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    At Flippo’s, we’ve taken what we understand to be true about families with young children.

    We have created a indoor playground franchise that gives people a gathering space that checks all the boxes. A Flippo’s entertainment center franchise is an opportunity that you will feel good about, because you are inviting folks into an environment they feel good about.

    Take advantage of a Flippo’s indoor playground franchise business model strategically designed for expansion.

    Combine our multiple play spaces, our party packages, our camps and classes, even our healthier menu options – with the experience and dedication of our leadership team – and you’ve got the makings of an unmatched business growth opportunity.

    Our Indoor Playground Franchise have it all!

    More fun for all means more ways for you to boost your bottom line!

    We want to share this extraordinary opportunity to grow in a booming market with entrepreneurs who know how to have and provide a truly great, family-friendly experience to their communities. Now you can bring a Flippo’s to your neighborhood. Together, we have the potential to develop a thriving indoor playground franchise in the exciting family entertainment space.

    To learn more about the fun you will have leveraging the Flippo’s indoor playground franchise, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.

    • Indoor playground
    • Toddler area
    • Lazer Maze
    • Time Freak
    • Sports Court
    • Arcade games
    • Ropes course (optional)
    • Climbing wall (optional)
    • Snacks, meals and drinks from the Café
    • Party packages
    • Camps and afterschool programs
    • Cooking classes and other enrichment activities