Why Flippo’s Stands Above Other Family Fun Center Franchises

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The family fun center franchises market is growing like a Chia Pet on steroids. These entertainment zones, also known as “Family Entertainment Centers” (FEC) in the industry, are a place for kids to have a good time, learn as they play, make new friends, and have a safe place to go for fun. And how do you choose between all the family fun franchises? Is it possible to discern which ones stand out from the rest? 

Sure, we are biased, but Flippo’s is pretty outstanding. And before you bring your children and their friends, let us prove it to you. 

At Flippo’s, the absolute best birthday parties for your little ones await beyond our sliding doors. What’s not to love in family fun center franchises that are full of jungle gyms, lazer mazes, ball blasters, arcades, and so many more details to fill a child’s heart with joy and mind with ideas to get active and have fun. 

You don’t only have to come to a Flippo’s–or any other family fun franchise–to have a birthday.

You can bring the whole family and come in just to have a good time. When we stake out 15,000 square feet of concrete, it’s a blank slate open to our imagination with your children in mind. How do we know that? Because Flippo’s was created by a mom with two kids for three resounding reasons. 


  1. Kids require safety while romping around for fun.
  2. While the kids are having fun, parents deserve a vacation of complete confidence and peace.
  3. Who doesn’t like to laugh and make memories?


Victoria Kim, the matriarch of Flippo’s, was weary of going to playgrounds near her house. Her husband and kids felt that way as well. And she was tired of spending time at a playground that was either crowded, risky and unmaintained, or exposed to unforgiving heat or rain. That’s when Flippo’s became an idea and she was destined to make it a reality. The games, the activities, the good times – many family fun center franchises exist, but not all are created from a mom’s perspective and a child’s heart. 


We stand apart because we wanted to stand for something different. Visit a Flippo’s near you and you’ll see we succeeded. 


The Time is Now for Your Family Fun Center Franchises


The global FEC market is slated to reach over $50 billion by the end of 2026. It’s understandable when you consider that parents want to delight their children, and children love to open their gifts and go have fun. Locations for breakthrough venues are versatile because they can be brick-and-mortar locations, taking up spaces in shopping centers, or even placed in the mall.

In this unpredictable market, it’s difficult for even the most shrewd investor to find anything close to a sure thing. That said, if you understand kids, enjoy giving them a place of security and fun, and want to be a business owner, there aren’t many things that can provide the opportunity of success that a family fun franchise can offer. 

Good reviews, word-of-mouth outreach, organic awareness–these are all marketing gold mines that seem to happen among parents who want other parents to have a good time with their own children. If they looked stressed, one kind recommendation is all it takes to turn that person’s frown upside down and fill their hearts with joy. The easy thing is if you are successful at building a business, your customers will help by building your brand. 

Flippo’s invites communities to enter a house filled with activities to do, people to meet, and long-lasting experiences to create for children of all ages. That’s one of the reasons we stand out as well. If you have older kids in the middle of a riveting game of Lazer Maze, your toddlers can have their own fun inside the Flippo’s Toddler Area, which is safe, secure, and so much fun. Be honest: Isn’t it nice to sit in one place and watch all the kids smile, laugh, and goof off? 

Of course it is! And why not? The sound of your child’s laughter is enough to bring happy tears to any parent’s eyes, and that is something we enjoy seeing inside our doors. This isn’t a place that has an outstanding arcade and not much of anything else. Flippo’s is also not one of those family fun center franchises with a buffet table taking half the room inside the location. These attractions all appeal to children. We’re talking arcades, machine games, playground equipment, laser tag, and a few more things that even a grandparent would love. 

Flippo’s definitely stands out among the competition–and stands tall for customers and entrepreneurs alike.