What a Kid Entertainment Franchise Needs to Keep the Little Ones Happy

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A True Kid Entertainment Franchise Keep Always the Little Ones Happy.

The Kid Entertainment Franchise industry is thriving in America. Kids demand entertainment, and they can get picky where they want to find it. Their attention span is about as limited as a kindergarten field trip to Disneyland. 

To keep the kids happy, you need to know what they like and dislike, consider fun or boring. Most importantly, the children need interaction. They learn essential life skills from what they learn through each other. And if you are considering getting into the kid franchise entertainment business, you need to know how to captivate their minds and keep them wanting more. 

A Kid Entertainment Franchise can be an attractive business opportunity because kids are not going anywhere, next to healthcare and groceries. So, as a parent, guardian, or even a franchise owner, you must investigate how to keep the kids happy. As a partner at Flippo’s, we have a few insightful ideas about what it takes to keep the kids happy and make sure they always want more.



Did you know that as many as 75% of children in America do not get enough exercise? Any grade school teacher will tell you that one of the most important times of the day is recess. Sure, they get a break for a few minutes and can exhale slowly. But, it’s because in a classroom, the children get all this kinetic energy stored up and they need to get it out. Recess gives the children time for exercise, have some fun, and get a little tired when they get back inside. 

Recess for a teacher in a kindergarten classroom, for example, is considered a time on the schedule, like reading or math. It is for everyone’s interest that the children get the exercise they need. The same is true for any indoor activity center for kids–they are there to have fun. We let them. 

Imagine going to one of those other birthday party kid franchise entertainment places, unlike a Flippo’s. What do you think would happen if you got there, the kids run in the place eager to act crazy, and all the equipment is closed. They would be disappointed and you’d likely, and rightfully, be a little upset. 

Life may feel like a playground, but if you can’t get the kids on one, your blood pressure may spike on the daily. If you are looking into kid franchises entertainment for a business opportunity, you must consider the activity needs of children. Without that, the adults may not be coming back because you didn’t help create the sleep factor for the kids. 



Activity and entertainment are not necessarily interchangeable terms. A child can be on the playground with friends and still not have any fun. Likewise, a child can sit in their room and entertain themselves, but with no activity, they are still looking for something to do. Owning a kid entertainment franchise is more than just a cool place to visit for the weekend; it’s big business. 

As they are sometimes called, indoor play centers rose 19% in 2021. The market size is $8 billion and employs more than 9,000 people nationally. Allied Market Research thinks the industry may double by 2026. That’s a ton of activity and entertainment you can provide as an owner of one of these indoor places of kid paradise. 

There are options for kids, but trust the little ones have their favorites. And if your kid entertainment franchise is one of their favorite locations, you will love the appeal it creates in the community through word of mouth and local awareness. 


Children who get physical activity daily are more than tired and carriers of the potential for a peaceful night’s sleep, but they also become more imaginative. That activity stimulates brain growth, helps focus, and creates determination. Activity is important. Entertainment is crucial. Yet, one of the by-products of those two is the mental stimulation–their fascination. 

Having a good time in a laser maze, on a bounce house, or around other children their age keeps them thinking. What can they do next? What is that place all about, and why are all those kids laughing? Where can I go in here to have more fun? Kids love to think, and in a kid entertainment franchise, they will do plenty of that. And if they do, they will bring their friends. That means parents will talk and make more plans. Of course, that means you will be successful. 


Have you ever talked to your child, and they just space out, go somewhere else mentally, and give you that loathsome answer when you ask them a question, “Huh?” That’s a kid’s attention span for you. For example, if your child is four to eight years old, you are looking at an attention span of eight to 24 minutes. That’s all you get. So, if you take them somewhere for a birthday party or just to have fun, there needs to be a variety of things for the child to do, or boredom sets in, and your trip just becomes a burden. 

So, picture your child and all the friends that just unloaded from the family truck in a laser maze, a sports court, a ball blaster. You see where that’s going. Children will go crazy and have so much fun because of the various things they have to do to keep their minds and bodies stimulated. They each have their own pace, but as long as they have different things along the way to keep them occupied at your kid entertainment franchise, they will want to come back for more.