Why an Arcade Business for Sale is a Good Thing for Entrepreneurs

During the halcyon days of the shopping mall, seeing an arcade business for sale did not exist. They were always full of acne-ridden kids but flammable hair, cuffed pants, and pleated clothes in every place possible. The blaring sounds, strobe lights, and teenagers shouting at screens bring back pleasant memories for a Gen-Xer or Gen-Yer.


Then, near the turn of the century, we saw signs declaring an arcade business for sale, but they were in seemingly every mall by then. The advent of the home gaming console took over, and gamers–as they would later be called–took over, and people stopped driving to the arcade and later began searching for driving arcade games for sale. They have been considered “classics” or “retro” games, so you may find one hidden in an older restaurant or as the centerpiece in someone’s man cave. 


Whatever the situation or wherever you stumble upon one of those amazing shooting, fighting, or driving arcade games, there is always a sense of nostalgia triggered when they are seen on TV, discussed with friends, or experienced in person. And ignore the looks on the older kids’ faces. Look at the younger ones. They find a sense of awe with arcade games, which is why you may be seeing signs for an arcade business for sale because there is profit in those businesses today. Kids are happy when they see them and play with them because they are still a favorite. Here’s why. 

An Arcade Business for Sale is a Great Thing

These days, who wouldn’t want to take that stroll down Amnesia Lane. Sure, you don’t want other people to know the arcade nerd you were, but admit it, the jingle of Pole Position, Pac-Man, or Galaga makes you do a happy dance. And all it took to keep that smile on your face was a quarter. Fifty of them kept a smile on your face unless you were good enough to know how to short the system or earn a free game. 


These days, arcade games are a great way to relax or gain entertainment after a long day. Sure, millions of working adults put on the VR headset and disappear into another world with a juvenile named avatar. It’s not like walking into a kid’s gym past the waft of pizza and meandering around the balloons to the neon lights’ welcoming melody and arcade games’ decades-old melodies. What’s there not to love about the arcade? Kids still love them, and their parents rarely argue about taking them to play them. 

Arcade Games are Fantastic Investments

You don’t have to be an IT support manager or a former executive of Microsoft to operate an arcade game. If you have a business of any type, watch the spare change that standing or driving screen of neon thrills gobbles up. They are an excellent resource of extra income, and you can score hundreds of dollars a month by just letting the arcade game sit there and collect a little dust. 


Children of all ages see the screen of an arcade game like the OPEN sign in your business window. Maintenance of these machines is relatively simple, and you can tweak the change to be 25, 50, or 75 cents. If the price is reasonable, people will continue to feed for a few minutes of nostalgia or escape into another world.


Imagine places where people have to wait, like a car repair shop or a pediatric dentist’s office. When adults or children or bored, they look for entertainment and playing arcade games never gets old. Tuck one of those classics in the corner of a buffet pizza place, or even a collection of them where kids are located, and it is bugged to a backyard zapper.


And don’t think for a moment that gamification started on some live iteration of video games. Who doesn’t remember competing for a high score? So, if you are ever in this state and see “Arcade games for sale in Florida” online or an ad for “Driving games for sale,” consider stopping, calling, and possibly investing. You will make your money back and be in the red within no time. 

An Arcade Business for Sale is Good for the Family 

Do you remember the first time you bought your child a video game console? One of the first games you bought was a game you used to play. Admit it. We did it too. Maybe it was the story of how Super Mario was introduced on a video game jumping barrels hurled at him by a gorilla? It could have been playing “Big Head Mode” on NBA Jam. Whatever the game it was, you had a story and it gave the family another chance to bond. 

Walk into a Flippo’s near you and watch what happens. Your child is there for a birthday party. After the hugs are over, it’s off to the Laser Maze, Sports Court, or the Ball Blaster. At some point, that gets a little old and where do all kids–including the parents–end up? The arcade! It’s like those video game songs are the Pied Piper luring people into the place like zombies. Arcade games are still a kid’s favorite because of the fun. They are still an adult’s favorite because of the potential business. Try it. You’ll see.